“We understand that we are not alone. It is crucially important to feel like that because we are a large country compared to other European countries – we are the largest country in Europe and have 45 million population. But in comparison to Russia it is very small and actually the Russian army is the second largest army in the world. It was unbearably scary to think about it, and we are very grateful to all the world who protect us with words, who protect us with weapons and with other supplies, so we are incredibly thankful.

I would like to say that we are not afraid anymore in spite of the fear. We are not afraid and we ask you also not to be afraid. We ask the Russian people not to be afraid and to protest – Belarus people not to be afraid and to protest. We ask European countries not to be afraid and to tell the truth to their people, to their population, to each other because this war is not only in territory but also in mind.

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